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Link to my 3rd Ward Art Festival WISN News Debut

                    9/1984-12/1986     Viterbo College- LaCrosse, Wisconsin   
                    1/1987-12/1989     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee- Bachelor of Arts
                     Majors- drawing and painting , graphic design

                    2/1990-11/1990     Victoria Rubenstein- Milwaukee, WI-  artist assistant
                    11/1990-11/2002   Water Street Brewery- Milwaukee, WI- Head Hostess
                    8/1991- 11/2002    Part time Artist- Milwaukee, WI- 3-d mixed media nonfunctional
                    11/2002- present    Full time Artist- Milwaukee, WI- 3-d mixed media nonfunctional

Art Fairs                     
* award  
    2/2005                     Fort Myers , FL - Artfest Fort Myers
    2/2006,2012               Tampa, FL - Gasparilla Festival of the Arts
    2/2006                      Jupiter, FL - ArtiGras
    3/2004,08-16               Bonita Springs, FL - Bonita Springs National Art Festival
    3/2011,13,14                     Naples, FL - Mercato Fine Arts Festival  
    3/2006                     Vero Beach, FL - Under the Oaks
    3/2015                     Naples, FL - Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts
    3/2016                    Sarasota, FL -Sarasota Spring Fine Arts Festival
   3/2005,06,08              Winter Park, FL - Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
     5/2009                     Indianapolis, IN - Broad Ripple Art Festival
    5/2000-2011            Sturgeon Bay, WI - (Market Square) Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Fair
    6/1994-2001               Milwaukee, WI - Schlitz Audubon Art Fair
    6/1992-1994            Northbrook, IL - Northbrook Art Fair
    6/1999-2016              Racine, WI - Monument Square Art Fair
    6/1995-2003            Barrington, IL - BAAC Art Fair*
    6/2004,2011-16          Wheaton, IL - Cantigny Sculpture & Fine Art Festival
    6/1995-2016            Spring Green, WI - Spring Green Art Fair
    7/1993-2016               Madison, WI - Art Fair Off the Square*
    7/2002                     Buffalo Grove, IL - Buffalo Grove Invitational Fine Art Festival
    7/2000                        Neenah, WI - Bergstrom-Mahler Museum Arts Festival
    7/1992-2007,09-11,13-15     Sheboygan, WI - John Michael Kohler Arts Festival
    7/2009-16                     Geneva, IL - Geneva Arts Fair
    7/1999                       Appleton, WI - Art in the Park
    8/1994-2002,08-09            Wauwatosa, WI  - Firefly Art Fair
    8/2003-2006,13-16               Minneapolis, MN - Powderhorn Art Fair
    8/2007,10,12                     Minneapolis, MN - Uptown Art Fair
    8/1991-2006,08-12,16               Milwaukee, WI  - Morning Glory Craft Fair
    8/1993,97,98,2009-16           GreenBay, WI  - Artstreet
    8/2001,02,07-16              Oconomowoc, WI - Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts*
    8/2003-2007            Brookfield, Wi - Stonewood Village Art Fair*
    9/2000                        Milwaukee, WI - Mile of Art
    9/1994,2009                     Holy Hill, WI - Holy Hill Arts and Craft Fair
    9/1994-1999               Downers Grove, IL - Downers Grove Art Fair*
    9/1999-2016          Milwaukee, WI - Mount Mary Starving Artist Art Fair
    9/2012-16                        Milwaukee, WI - 3rd Ward Art Festival
    10/2009-16                     Ephraim, WI - Townline Art Fair
    11/2004-2006             Milwaukee, WI  - Ornaments and Adornments
    11/1998-2016          Madison, WI - Winter Art Festival
    11/2011                        Milwaukee, WI - Winter Glory



Link to Mary's Lionfish JMCP June 2008 Volume 14 Issue 5

JMCP interview questions 
The Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy is a peer-reviewed journal, with 9 publication dates per year: separate issues for the months of March, April, May, June, September, and October and combined issues for January/February, July/August, and November/December.
  1.What inspired you to become an artist?
As a child my sisters and I were always doing some sort of craft project, so I think I always was an artist. I knew I didn’t want to teach and graphic art didn’t fit so I got into an art fair after college in 1991 and have been doing them ever since.

    2. Where did you get your art training?
U W Milwaukee
    3. What prompted you to begin to create your mixed media sculptures?
I got some wood veneer from Dufek Manufactoring, a small cheese box company located in my home town of Denmark, WI. I made my first fish out of a piece that had a knot hole for the eye. After that I made some wall masks and then cats and dogs. But finding different materials and adding them to the veneer expanded my line of creatures. I’ve found that I really like to build armature out of wood and wire and build clay over that, pressing in different textures and cutting in the features

    4. Did you have any artistic mentors or favorite teachers?
Not really, I did take 2 classes in college that really inspired me. One being color studies and the other being form, space and materials. Those really pushed me to be creative and try different materials to create art.
    5. Do you have any further art training, such as attending workshops?

    6. Are there any other artists in your family?
My older sister is an elementary art teacher and my younger sister works in the graphics/printing field.

    7. Do you sell your art in any galleries?
The Gift Itself in Green Bay, WI
The Artists Mercantile in St. Paul, MN
The Morning Glory Gallery in Milwaukee, WI
The Underwood Gallery in Wauwatosa, WI 

    8. What is your favorite style of art and why?
I liked Impressionism in college but I think I’ve created my own style- simple, fun, recognizable creatures with attention to accurate shape and form within the limitations of the materials I use, then painted with bright fun colors.

    9. Do you have any favorite artists (living or deceased)?
Manet, Degas

    10. What inspired you to create the large Lionfish sculpture?
I really like the salt water fish, their shapes and color, and thougth the lionfish was a really cool unreal looking fish but I couldn’t make it until I figured out how to make the fins. I found a way to make the fins by cementing parchment paper together with wire inbetween, then cutting out the shapes of the fins and binding them together. Of course the lionfish is brown and white, but I tend to put a lot more color into them then how they look in nature.
    11. What year did you make the large Lionfish sculpture?
I can’t remember, maybe 2001.
    12. What are your favorite subjects in your artworks and why?
I like small little brightly colored creatures that are a challenge to figure out how to make them using wood, wire, paper, fabric beads etc. There are 3 books where I get most of my ideas from.
Coral Reef Fishes by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers
An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles by Arthur V. Evans and Charles L. Bellany
The World’s Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians by William W. Lamar

    13. Do you have any special projects that you're working on now or plan to start in the near future?
Just trying to get in to bigger and better art fairs.

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Mary L Hager  WI